About En Garde Systems

En Garde Systems, Incorporated has been providing diverse security testing and consulting services to government and commercial customers in the United States since 1994. En Garde has consulted on computer and network security issues for Fortune 500 companies, banks, the military, law enforcement agencies, and the intelligence community.

Our core competencies and skills include all technical aspects of computer security, programming, software forensics, security software verification and validation, penetration testing and vulnerability analysis of Internet connected systems/networks, and all aspects of intrusion detection, response, and investigation. En Garde has performed numerous network and software penetration tests, analyzed seized systems to extract legal evidence, and tracked hackers to the point of having arrest warrants issued.

En Garde personnel are active in the security community. Our staff has presented papers and tutorials at technical conferences and symposia, taught courses and seminars on Internet security, and given expert testimony before two congressional sub-committees on National Information Infrastructure security issues.

Our staff comes from system administration backgrounds, giving us the knowledge to help secure your system if we find problems. We understand the time and effort needed to implement our recommendations, and that a security policy is more than a paper plan - we know how to enforce what's on paper. In addition, we take a holistic perspective focusing on not only the policies desired, the realities of the network configuration, and the tools available in the market today; but how all of those components can be integrated smoothly.

Our technical expertise, outstanding reputation, and personalized attention ensure you a level of service surpassed by no other security firm in the market.