Key En Garde Personnel

Michael Neuman

Michael Neuman is widely recognized and respected for his expertise in Information Security. He has twice been invited to testify before Congressional subcommittees on security issues. He has testified as an expert witness in a Federal criminal trial, and provided computer forensics evidence. He has participated in a half dozen criminal investigations on behalf of the Navy, FBI, and IRS, providing forensics work and expert insight. He has appeared on the television show, Nightline, and his work is referenced in a half dozen books, and dozens of technical papers.

Mr. Neuman has created both free and commercial technology used by thousands of computers on the Internet. He wrote the first web usage monitoring and control application (under contract to a publisher), the first Public Key Infrastructure (while at Los Alamos National Labs), and the first Network Node Intrusion Detection System (under contract to a publisher). He is the driving force behind En Garde Systems' technology, as both the lead programmer and principal architect for T-sight, IP-Watcher and Sinic.

He is actively involved in executing our top-notch penetration testing services and supplying high-quality security measures to customers. He is a former computer security specialist for Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he was the lead programmer for authentication and secure communication for the Sunrise Project (computer security for the National Information Infrastructure).

Diana Neuman
Vice President

Diana Neuman has an extensive background in programming and Internet security, in addition to organizing the many facets of a technology company for the past twelve years. She has performed over a 100 penetration tests for scores of customers and has written industry influencing reports on the security risks of networks in Banking, Health Care, and Power Management.

As a skilled manager she has successfully lead numerous penetration testing projects, as well as a staff of developers, to continuously produce award winning products on time and on budget. As a programmer, Diana has played a vital role in developing many commercial software applications ranging from individual scripts to an Intrusion Detection System run on one of the busiest networks in the country. She has been recognized with a "Woman of the Year" award from the Executive Womens Forum a national group of women in information security, been recognized by the National Security Agency for her selection of graduate studies in Artificial Life, and holds a B.S. degree from Washington University in St. Louis.