Focused Testing for Your Most Sensitive Applications

E-Commerce, CRM, and other critical applications within your organization contain the most highly concentrated collections of customer, partner, or internally sensitive information on the network. En Garde's extensive security expertise can review these applications for problems that may be specific to the local configuration of the network, application, or installation and recommend ways to improve the security of the application.

Flawed code and vulnerabilities that pop up in generation after generation of software make a hacker's job easier. Detailed application level testing allows the system to be rigorously tested, focusing on how attacks would be instigated against the system, including: where the application gets information, how that information is processed, and what effect does the information have on the underlying system. During an application review En Garde performs analysis to (i) identify any flaws, errors, or other liabilities inherent to the software; (ii) measure the extent to which identified flaws/errors can be exploited to compromise or otherwise used to subvert system processes and security; and (iii) recommend patches, configuration changes, or other corrective actions that can be taken to strengthen system security.