Penetration Testing and Technical Vulnerability Analysis

Through penetration testing, En Garde measures the technical exposure of network accessible resources and identifies areas where tighter controls or better configurations would improve the security of the organization.

En Garde's unique hands-on-approach to technical vulnerability assessments allows us to go beyond a simple network scan and look for risks that would not be found by scripted attack. Using our unique set of tools, experience, and skills we have improved the security of countless networks, applications, and servers. Every network is unique and should be reviewed and tested as such. En Garde takes that into account with our manual testing techniques. For all En Garde's services, details of all work performed, including testing and our analysis of network security conditions, is consolidated into a comprehensive report.

En Garde's penetration testing services include network, server, and service level technical vulnerabilities reviews. We map both the host and service resources available on the network and then identify problems ranging from configuration issues like back-doors in firewall access control lists to service vulnerabilities including specific attacks and out-of-date versions.