Understanding the Entire Network

A strong Digital Risk Management practice allows any financial institution to feel comfortable extending and promoting new customer and partner services. Increasing the comprehensive nature of both security assessment and ongoing management makes compliance easier and expansion into new markets and services possible.

Digital risk management includes all areas of security assessment as well as ongoing assurance, response, and training. En Garde, based on our years of experience, breaks the complicated nature of todays networks down into the types of digital risks common across financial institutions using our comprehensive model, which includes digital risks across your parter connections, insiders, service agreements, and core resources, as well as technical vulnerabilities and ongoing management areas.


An En Garde assessment will include a review of all areas of the network, covering more than the technical vulnerabilities, which may be found on servers and network devices. This comprehensive analysis can be used as a baseline for ongoing management and reporting or as a one-time analysis to ascertain the status of the infrastructure.


Ongoing management builds on the initial assessment to show the performance of the network over time, including looking at assessment improvement, monitored events, and ongoing training. It also focuses and prioritizes any resources for improvement ensuring that constant measurable improvements are made to the network posture.

Digital Risk Assessment

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Digital Risk Management